Who moved my network?

who moved my networ

Despite its rising popularity, SDN can also drive fear, thanks to loss of visibility and control. In a networking model in which IT teams and managers have little to no physical visibility into their networks, how does security work? If you can’t see into the network, how do you control and manage it?

Security is from Mars, Application Delivery is from Venus

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray was one of the best-selling nonfiction books of the 1990s. It asserts that men and women essentially come from different ‘planets’, and need to seek out greater understanding of each other’s wants, needs and ways of thinking in order to cooperate better in relationships….Read More

Are Firewalls Still Relevant to Security?

“The firewall is dead”, “Data is the new perimeter”, “Cloud will make the firewall obsolete” – these are just some of the quotes you hear now and again within the information security community. But I would like to counter them with a quote adapted from (renowned cybersecurity expert) Mark Twain – “The reports of the…Read More

RSAC 2016 Recap – Short on Security Skills, and Funding…

RSA conference 2016

Last week brought me and 40,000 of my best friends together for the annual RSA Conference. As always, RSAC is a good barometer of what’s going on in the security industry. Here are some of my key takeaways. Cybersecurity Talent Shortage Makes the Keynote – I have been talking and writing a lot about the…Read More

Why You Should Move Security Away from Security

Moving security operations away from your security team? This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s something that we see happening more and more. Escalating security requirements, the growing risks of breaches and outages, and the shortage of skilled and experienced security staff is forcing businesses to find new ways to make more efficient use of their…Read More

The Juniper Networks Vulnerability Does Not Change Network Security Fundamentals

computer keyboard with red enter key hatch underpass ladder backdoor

By now, you have probably heard about the malicious code that was discovered in Juniper’s Netscreen ScreenOS. This serious vulnerability which could enable attackers to take complete control of Juniper NetScreen firewalls running the affected software made headline news, and for good reason. Naturally, the first thing you should do is check to see if…Read More

Curing Security Policy Ailments


I was talking recently with one of our sales engineers, and he mentioned that customers often tell him about the security management pain points they experience, which they are seeking to cure.  But when they actually describe those pain points in detail – such as ‘I have too many firewall rules,’ or ‘I failed an…Read More

Back To Basics: 10 Security Best Practices

back to basics

Despite the media hype, the biggest threats to your enterprise data assets are actually from the same old threats that we were worried about last year, five years ago, and in many cases even a decade ago. Only a handful of attacks truly use sophisticated “Mission Impossible” techniques, so the shiny new tools may do more harm than good at protecting your organization. So before investing in new tools, here are 10 security best practices to help protect your organization with the techniques and technologies you likely already have in place. These best practices should be common knowledge, but unfortunately they are hardly common practice.

Survival Tips For The Security Skills Shortage


No matter how you slice it, creating a security professional with 10 years of experience takes, well, 10 years. Here are six suggestions for doing more with less.

Who Put That in Here? (And Who's Going to Take It Out)

07_390X390_icon 2

In this post we’ll cover the worst practice of “Uncoordinated Policy Management” which Gartner also nicely referred to as “firewall roach motel — rules go in, but they don’t come out“. Helping organizations improve security policy management is obviously at the heart of what we do here at AlgoSec.

Insiders – the Threat Right in Your Blind Spot


While you’re standing on the ramparts of your enterprise perimeter, scanning for bad guys, there may well be a threat right in your blind spot: Insiders. Maybe it’s someone truly malicious, like a spy. Maybe it’s someone pilfering for profit, the modern equivalent of someone stealing office supplies. Either way, the threat from trusted insiders…Read More

All War and No Play: Align Your IT Organization to Eliminate End-User Frustration


I am a big advocate of examining solutions from both a processes and a tools perspective. Although AlgoSec is a software provider, I am the first to acknowledge that a good tool will not fix a bad process. On the flip side, a good process which can’t be enforced will not go very far either. This blog post examines what you can do from a process perspective to address organizational misalignment.