Nimmy Reichenberg
Nimmy Reichenberg heads global marketing for AlgoSec and surprisingly actually understands what he markets. Originally a software engineer with security focus, Nimmy designed and developed security products before switching over to the dark side and becoming a marketeer. Nimmy has published several articles in security publications such as SC Magazine and ISSA journal and has spoken on various security topics in leading security conferences.

When he is not brainwashing you to buy AlgoSec products, Nimmy can be found Kite Surfing at the nearest beach where the wind is blowing over 15 knots, and spending time with his wife and two boys.

Bashing Bash with Network Segmentation


HiResIn September, a critical bug in the open source Bourne-Again Shell (BASH) that’s ubiquitous in Unix-based systems, including Linux and Mac OS X, displaced Heartbleed as the top network security threat. Called Shellshock, the bug allows hackers to insert code into the shell and hijack an operating system through the internet. From there, they can access sensitive information—unless a strong defense is in place.

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Where Were You Born?


brucespringsteenpicture-jpgExciting news from AlgoSec this week: we announced our solution for unified security policy management across hybrid cloud infrastructure. This is a key component of our “managing security at the speed of business” vision and supports our mission to automate security policy management in evolving data centers and networks.

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A Sneak Preview of Our Network Segmentation Webinar next Week

businessman over stretched

businessman over stretchedI am psyched to have Mark Wolfgang, expert penetration tester from ShoreBreakSecurity join us for our webinar on network segmentation next Tuesday.

Mark will share really cool information from his pen tests – including how he was able to gain control to the entire facility of major metropolitan by exploiting a single server. How is this possible? Well, as Mark will share – once an attacker gets control of a PC he or she are really in the dark – and one of the first things an attacker does is run a scan of all endpoints which are accessible from the compromised machine to see what is around. In Mark’s words, nothing is more frustrating to an attacker than realizing he can’t really get anywhere because of effective network segmentation.

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The Neglect of Security Basics


basicLast week we held a webinar with our good friends from Qualys (you can view the recording here). The webinar discussed the integration between Qualys and AlgoSec that enables Application-Centric Vulnerability Management. One of the questions from the audience asked what happened to device hardening? Why is everyone only talking about things such as advanced threat prevention when it comes to security practices.

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Network Security Tip of the Week


This week's network security tip goes back to the core of defining your firewall policy:

"Create a rule before the last rule that blocks broadcasting without logging. It resolves huge logging issues in firewall management.”

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Conversation with a CISO on Networking and Security Trends

security cloud

security cloudI recently had the opportunity to sit down with Conrad Menezes to discuss some of the current and future networking and security trends and challenges facing organizations. Conrad held senior executives roles spanning both security and networking at companies such as Sears and American Express.  In our conversation, he provided some great insight on topics such as the modern threat landscape, dealing with application overload in the data center and what software-defined-networking (SDN) can mean for organizations.

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