Nimmy Reichenberg
Nimmy Reichenberg heads global marketing for AlgoSec and surprisingly actually understands what he markets. Originally a software engineer with security focus, Nimmy designed and developed security products before switching over to the dark side and becoming a marketeer. Nimmy has published several articles in security publications such as SC Magazine and ISSA journal and has spoken on various security topics in leading security conferences.

When he is not brainwashing you to buy AlgoSec products, Nimmy can be found Kite Surfing at the nearest beach where the wind is blowing over 15 knots, and spending time with his wife and two boys.

All War and No Play: Align Your IT Organization to Eliminate End-User Frustration


I am a big advocate of examining solutions from both a processes and a tools perspective. Although AlgoSec is a software provider, I am the first to acknowledge that a good tool will not fix a bad process. On the flip side, a good process which can’t be enforced will not go very far either. This blog post examines what you can do from a process perspective to address organizational misalignment.

Taking Care of Your Business


Welcome to the fourth blog in our special series, Mitigating Gartner’s Network Security Worst Practices (a complimentary copy of Gartner’s research, Avoid these “Dirty Dozen” Network Security Worst Practices is available for viewing from AlgoSec’s website.) In this post we’ll cover the worst practice of “Insufficient Focus on Users and Business Requirements” which Gartner also fondly…Read More

Saying No to the Culture of No


In this blog we’ll cover “The Culture of No”. According to research by Gartner, “Many Gartner clients make statements along the lines of “those IT folks prevent us from doing our jobs.” They specifically cite that security departments implement policy and controls without regard for business function.” Does this sound familiar?

Mitigating Gartner’s Network Security Worst Practices


Welcome to our special blog series: Mitigating Gartner’s Network Security Worst Practices. Over the course of more than 3,000 client interactions in the past year, Gartner has observed several common network security “worst practices.” The result is this great research paper titled “Avoid These “Dirty Dozen” Network Security Worst Practices”, and a complimentary copy is available…Read More

Are You Guilty of the Seven Deadly Sins of Security Policy Change Management?

7 deadly sins 200

Managing ever-growing network security policies is not getting any easier. We are facing more threats, greater complexity and increased demand for both security and application connectivity. However, many companies are failing to update their approach to security policy management to keep up with these challenges. In my years of interactions with companies across pretty much…Read More

Micro-Segmentation – Do Good Things Really Come in Small Packages?


For years, organizations have focused most of their network security efforts on the perimeter. First there were firewalls, then intrusion prevention systems came along followed by web proxies, and recently advanced malware detection (AKA sandboxing) solutions. This perimeter-focused approach is often referred to as the M&M Strategy – a hard crunchy outside and soft chewy…Read More

The Tribe Has Spoken – You are Voted off the Network

Tribal knowledge

One of the more interesting phenomena I have observed when working with companies on their network security challenges is that every company feels that their challenges are unique. While this is true to some extent, there are many more similarities than differences between companies. One such similarity is the existence of “Network Ned”. Who is…Read More

Tips to Help You Bring Security Up to Speed

speed-up 1

Why is it that virtually all aspects of IT operate at near real time EXCEPT security? You can spin up a new server on demand or create a new database in a couple of minutes, but anything that has to do with the security policy can take weeks—or longer. It all goes back to a…Read More

Reaching for Cloud Nine: Tips to Help You Prepare to Launch Business Applications to the Cloud

reaching for cloud

According to a recent survey, two thirds of organizations are currently deploying or planning to deploy business applications on a public cloud infrastructure. If your organization is among them consider this: two-thirds of the organizations we surveyed are struggling to figure out how to extend their security policy across the hybrid environment. It a little daunting,…Read More

Look Before You Leap: Tips to Help You Manage Your Security Policy Across a Hybrid Cloud Environment


This situation may sound familiar – your CEO, CIO, or another executive outside of the security organization summons you to a meeting. “We have decided to move [Enter unreasonable number here] of our business applications to the public cloud by [Enter impossible timeframe here] he announces. “And don’t tell us that security is an issue…Read More

Bashing Bash with Network Segmentation


In September, a critical bug in the open source Bourne-Again Shell (BASH) that’s ubiquitous in Unix-based systems, including Linux and Mac OS X, displaced Heartbleed as the top network security threat. Called Shellshock, the bug allows hackers to insert code into the shell and hijack an operating system through the internet. From there, they can…Read More

Where Were You Born?


Exciting news from AlgoSec this week: we announced our solution for unified security policy management across hybrid cloud infrastructure. This is a key component of our “managing security at the speed of business” vision and supports our mission to automate security policy management in evolving data centers and networks. I want to share some of…Read More