How to Build Firewall Policies for East West Traffic


This new Professor Wool whiteboard video lesson presents a step-by-step process for building up firewall policies for East-West traffic by discovering and identifying the legitimate traffic, and then writing explicit ‘allow’ rules for all valid business traffic that goes through the segment. Watch this video to find out more.

The Challenges of Creating Firewall Policies for East-West Network Traffic

east west

So, you’ve decided to enhance your security by segmenting your data center into internal zones, and now you need to actually set them up. In this new whiteboard lesson, Professor Wool discusses some of the challenges and pitfalls to avoid when setting up security policies for East-West traffic.

Don't Let the Data Out! Tips for Effective Egress Filtering

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Most companies I see are more concerned about what’s going to hit them from outside their network, and don’t realize that what’s leaving your network is just as important. Being able to restrict outbound traffic, or in many cases funnel the outbound network traffic through egress points, is just as important and will make it more difficult for malicious attackers to exfiltrate data.Here are a few tips for managing egress filtering on your firewalls.

Back To Basics: 10 Security Best Practices

back to basics

Despite the media hype, the biggest threats to your enterprise data assets are actually from the same old threats that we were worried about last year, five years ago, and in many cases even a decade ago. Only a handful of attacks truly use sophisticated “Mission Impossible” techniques, so the shiny new tools may do more harm than good at protecting your organization. So before investing in new tools, here are 10 security best practices to help protect your organization with the techniques and technologies you likely already have in place. These best practices should be common knowledge, but unfortunately they are hardly common practice.

Keep your Network Flying: Tips on Avoiding Downtime

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Two US airlines recently suffered major network outages recently that left flights grounded and caused delays for tens of thousands of passengers. These incidents remind us that even the slightest change or error in configuring security policies can bring an entire organization to its knees. Yet security changes are made to devices on a daily basis, whether these are alterations to filtering rules or changes to the traffic routing – networks are in a constant state of change. So what can you do to prevent these outages and minimise their impact when they do happen?

Insider Threats: Anyone Could Cheat, So Who Can You Trust?


The world of cybersecurity has been dominated in recent weeks by the hacking of Ashley Madison. Just like the Sony hack at the end of last year, which many security experts believe was an inside job, the Ashley Madison case again raises the issue of insider threats. So what can organizations do to mitigate the risk of a disgruntled insider breaching their network?

Is Encryption One of Your Biggest Network Security Holes?

Encrlyption biggest security threat

Encryption protects communications in transit and allows for secure sessions between you and the destination endpoint. If that’s what you think, you’re 100% percent right and it’s also one of your biggest security holes in your network!

Tips on How to Create Filtering Policies for VMware NSX


VMWare lets customers write filtering policies for any traffic that goes into an NSX data center, exits from it, or moves between different servers inside the NSX data center. But having the ability to create these filtering rules doesn’t mean that it’s easy to actually write them, so here are some tips.

A Blueprint for Migrating Applications to VMware NSX


With VMware offering new and exciting capabilities for virtual data center owners, use this blueprint to successfully migrate and manage application connectivity on VMware NSX.

Still Using SSL? You’re No Longer Compliant with PCI

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It’s well-known that SSL is the source of many recent vulnerabilities, including POODLE, Heartbleed, and FREAK, and the facilitator of many recent cyber-attacks. As a result, best practices recommend that companies turn off SSL and move to the far more secure TLS protocol. Other than the obvious need to move away SSL, why is this so important?

Five Common Firewall Configuration Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them


In my work I find many mistakes in firewall configurations. Here are the most common types of firewall misconfigurations that I encounter and how you can avoid them.

Tips for Managing Your External Network Connections

external connections

Last week our CTO, Professor Avishai Wool, presented a technical webinar on the do’s and don’ts for managing external connectivity to and from your network. Based on our audience poll this is clearly a very relevant issue for many enterprises, and one which can have a profound effect on security. Here are a few key issues that you should be mindful of when managing external connections.